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Complete Network Security

Complete Network Security from TGI

TGI delivers always-on managed security to ensure compliance in mid-sized organizations

IT security is at the bottom of the priority list for system admins in mid-sized organizations. Many administrators install a firewall and anti-virus software and hope for the best. Security researchers have found that this type of reactive approach to IT security is ineffective and data breaches often take weeks or months to discover. System administrators don’t have the tools or expertise to discover a breach until well after the damage is done and critical data is compromised. And the cost to hire an IT security firm to respond to a breach is astronomical.

Complete Network Security from TGI delivers an affordable, real-time managed security solution with a five-pronged approach to ensure your network is always monitored and administrators are alerted to security incidents when they happen.

  • Behavioral monitoring looks for suspicious traffic in real time
  • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) logs and correlates events to detect patterns of suspicious activity
  • Vulnerability Assessment scans network endpoints for weakness
  • Asset Discovery finds and enumerates system inventories
  • Intrusion Detection monitors for attacks in real time

CNS offers a free 30 day trial of our managed security product to qualified organizations. Click here to have a sales representative contact you about a free trial.

Complete Network Security

Managed Network Security from TGI

TGI provides managed IT security to following verticals:

  • Healthcare – HIPAA compliance
  • Financial Services – SEC compliance
  • Retail & Distribution – PCI compilance
  • Legal – Security compliance

Our partner, AlienVault, is proud to be recognized by Gartner as the only vendor in the Visionaries Quadrant for SIEM based on their simple and affordable approach to security. Our solution delivers SIEM plus asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, behavioral monitoring and threat intelligence in one affordable solution. You can go from installation to insight in days, not months.